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Success story-NTF III Myanmar Inclusive Tourism

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Issue addressed and correspondence with strategy

ITC’s Inclusive Tourism project in Myanmar aims to enhance trade competitiveness of the tourism sector in Kayah State

Objective pursued

Integration of local producers and service providers into the tourism value chains, development of inclusive tourism tours in Kayah State through inbound tour operators in Myanmar, and promotion of the region in international markets

Project implementation

The NTF III Myanmar project follows the logic of targeting job creation and export competitiveness in the country’s tourism industry and related supply chains. To achieve long-term impact and outcome, the project will deliver in three main ways: 1) Increase the export capacity of tour operators and tourism-related suppliers of goods and services in Kayah State; 2) Increase the capacity of tourism associations (UMTA, MTM) as well as associations involved in tourism-related supply chains to provide sector development support services to clients; 3) Enhance business linkages and partnerships

Results and outcomes achieved in line with the strategy

16 Export marketing plans and Action Plans finalized by Tour Operators, 4 cultural tourism tours and 2 creative tourism activities, marketing and branding guidelines, 6 regional destination brochures developed, successful promotional events organized at ITB 2016