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    Implementing partners
    1. Innovations for Poverty Action
    2. Ministry of Energy and Water
    3. Academia
    4. Afghan Border Police
    5. Afghan Carpet Exporters Guild
    6. Afghan Central Business Registry and Intellectual Property
    7. Afghan Deposit Insurance Corporation
    8. Afghan National Insurance Company
    9. Afghan National Police
    10. Afghan Provincial Directorates of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock
    11. Afghan Raisins, Fruits and Vegetables Export Promotion Administration
    12. Afghanistan Banks Association
    13. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries
    14. Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines
    15. Afghanistan Customs Department
    16. Afghanistan Dry Fruit Exporters Association
    17. Afghanistan Geological Survey
    18. Afghanistan Independent Land Authority
    19. Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance
    20. Afghanistan Marble and Granite Processor Association
    21. Afghanistan Marble Industry Association
    22. Afghanistan Microfinance Association
    23. Afghanistan National Horticulture Development Organization
    24. Afghanistan National Nursery Growers’ Organization
    25. Afghanistan National Standards Authority
    26. Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit
    27. Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority
    28. Afghanistan Trading House Abroad
    29. Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    30. Afghanite
    31. Agricultural Research Institute of Afghanistan
    32. Animal and Plant products Industrial Commercial Association
    33. Central Statistics Office
    34. Committee on Education and Skills Policy
    35. Committee on Technical Regulations (to be established)
    36. Community Councils
    37. Consumer Protection Departments
    38. Da Afghanistan Bank
    39. DAI Global LLC
    40. Directorate of Livestock Production and Animal Health
    41. Entrepreneurs Group (to be established)
    42. Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan
    43. Extension services
    44. Faculty of Agriculture of Kabul University
    45. Federation of Afghan Craftsmen and Traders
    46. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Union
    47. Herat University
    48. High Economic Council
    49. Human Resource Development Board
    50. Independent Directorate of Local Governance
    51. International Chamber of Commerce
    52. Kabul Carpet Production and Export Association
    53. Kabul University
    54. Law enforcement agencies
    55. Member institutions for Technical Committees
    56. Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock
    57. Ministry of Commerce and Industries
    58. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
    59. Ministry of Counter Narcotics
    60. Ministry of Economy
    61. Ministry of Education
    62. Ministry of Finance
    63. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    64. Ministry of Higher Education
    65. Ministry of Information and Culture
    66. Ministry of Interior Affairs
    67. Ministry of Justice
    68. Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled
    69. Ministry of Mines and Petroleum
    70. Ministry of Public Health
    71. Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
    72. Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
    73. Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
    74. Ministry of Women Affairs
    75. Municipalities
    76. Municipality and Land Directorate
    77. National Environmental Protection Agency
    78. National Procurement Authority
    79. National Radio Television of Afghanistan
    80. Office of the President
    81. Plant Biotechnology Laboratory
    82. Precious Stone Union
    83. PriSEC - Executive Committee on Private Sector Development
    84. Private consulting bodies
    85. Regulatory bodies
    86. Saffron Development National Committee
    87. Supreme Council of Standards
    88. Supreme Court
    89. Union of Fruits and Vegetables
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